We Are A Progressive, Catholic Community

All are welcome to join

Prayer for those watching who cannot physically receive Communion:

In union, loving God, with the faithful at the altar where the Mass is being celebrated, I offer you thanks and praise.  I give myself to you that I will be united and since I cannot now receive physically, I ask that you come to me within my body and soul. May I live in you and you in me today and through all eternity.

Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

We, the family of the Ecumenical  Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare is a Catholic, Christian community that reaches to all God’s people by providing a living witness to all called from various and diverse backgrounds – all are welcome to the table of Jesus.

As followers of Francis, we we are called to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of every person as God’s gift to us. In the spirit of Franciscan joy, we go forth to proclaim the Good News – using words if necessary.

We want to welcome the entire community who enjoys the warmth and love of our parish by participating in the sacramental life of the Church; especially those who have been turned away by others.

Sts Francis and Clare

2300 NW 9th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311

Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Our Sunday service will be streamed every Sunday at 10:30 am on Facebook. Recording of our service can be viewed on our website within 72 hours.   

Call us at Franciscans friary: (954)731-8173 Confession on request

Services Available At The Ecumenical Catholic Community Of St Francis and Clare


We perform marriages at our church or a location special to you. We work with you to make this the beautiful and blessed event that it is intended to be.


We officiate at funerals and memorial services, making this sacred time meaningful to those who both mourn and celebrate the passing on of our loved ones.


We graciously baptize both children and adults and welcome them into God’s family.


We offer the rite of reconciliation, as well as all the other sacraments.

Grief Counseling

A special mission is the blessing of animals and grief counseling for those who have to say goodbye to their long-time companions.


Celebrating 18 years as The People Of God to the South Florida Community

Frequently Asked Quesions

What is the Ecumenical Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare

We are a collection of individual Catholic faith communities bound together by covenant. The Parish of Sts. Francis & Clare is not under or subject to the jurisdiction of the bishop of Rome; though we recognize the bishop of Rome as one of the many experiences of the Apostolic church. We are guided by a Presiding Bishop as well as other diocesan bishops who are elected from the clergy by the clergy and laity of each community

What is the Ecumenical Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare understanding of clerical celibacy

Clerical celibacy was not a requirement until 1274.  CACINA holds clerical celibacy as a charism for those who wish to practice that virtue. We uphold the teaching of Jesus allowing individuals to respond to God’s call and therefore, marriage and ordination are not mutually exclusive.

Does the Ecumenical Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare support the ordination of women to the ministerial priesthood and why?

 In the Ecumenical  Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare, women are encouraged to respond to a genuine vocation and participate in all ministry levels – lay or ordained. As St. Paul writes: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave or free, male nor female, all are one in Christ Jesus.”

What is the Ecumenical Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare understanding of same-gender sexual relationships?

We are an open and affirming communion recognizing the value and dignity of every person, in our God given diversity. We promote the education and development of the People of God in their understanding of the diversity of their sisters and brothers. All sexual relationships are to be guided by the Christian moral principles of love and fidelity. We uphold the ideal of committed relationships blessed by the sacred rites of the Church. We believe that all questions of sexual morality are best addressed through pastoral care and counsel.

Who is the governing authority within the Ecumenical Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare?

The people of the Parish of Sts. Francis & Clare are the governing authority. Our Constitutional document was ratified by both clergy and lay persons present at our 2003 Convocation. The Constitution establishes a polity structure including a House Laity, a House of Pastor and an Episcopal Council – all possessing roles of decision-making and leadership in governing the Communion.

Please, pray with us as we make this journey together as Local Church in communion with our sisters and brothers of the Church universal.

I’m interested in going to church but don’t know where to start?

Getting started with anything new is never easy.

One option would be to go to church with someone you know who does go. You could sit with them and they could help you by explaining what happens and so on. Perhaps they might introduce you to some others who are there.

If you’d rather go on your own then just plan to arrive five to ten minutes before the starting time. If you are feeling shy you can sit near the back or ask the greeter to seat you and you will often be introduced to a couple of people around you.

It’s also good if you’re new to a church to say hello to people you’ve never met before. Churches can be very friendly places and most folks are only too glad to be of help or to answer any questions that you might have.

The Ecumenical  Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare seeks to actively engage all people in the celebrations of life and community in the Catholic tradition. We take seriously the freedom of faith and conscience of the individual.

We strive to be an inviting and participatory Church, open to diversity, accompanying people in their life journey, a gathering of communities that are constantly being renewed, a Church that offers a home and protection, where each person can receive and live out their faith without fear. Our decisions are made by the laity, clergy, and bishop working together.

Our faith is celebrated together, rooted in tradition, and open to the future. We warmly encourage you to look at our many resources so that you may better understand our household of faith.

How is the Ecumenical Catholic Community of Sts. Francis & Clare catholic?

We uphold our catholic tradition for the following principles: The teaching and person of Jesus of Nazareth, the Scriptures, the Nicene Creed, the Sacramental and Liturgical traditions, and Apostolic Succession. We share a common theology and liturgical tradition.

Our deacons, priests, and bishops participate in the same historic Apostolic Succession as do the Roman, Eastern Orthodox, and other Apostolic Churches and we share the same historical developments of Western Christianity. We trace our modern roots to the emergence of the Old Catholic movement which began in 1870 as a response to the First Vatican Council’s pronouncement of Papal Infallibility. 

We recognize that the body of Christ, the Universal Church, includes all baptized Christians regardless of denominational affiliation. We are actively engaged in promoting Christian unity. 

We recognize the presence of the Spirit at work throughout the world in the faith experiences of other religions.

We affirm the divine presence in every human heart, believing that all people are beloved of God. Therefore, we seek mutual understanding and respect with those of other religions through dialogue and we seek cooperation in the endeavor for peace and justice in our world.  

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