Community of St. Francis, Omaha, NE

We are a newly formed group of non ordained people who embrace St. Francis of Assisi and his family looking for growth and community. We aren't from Rome.

We intend to be a group of men and women from many backgrounds, traditions, and ways of life who have vowed ourselves to Francis' way. We pray God's creation: we life simply and in nonviolence taking care of each other as a community and reaching out to anyone who needs us. We serve in a special way the gospel "poor in spirit" - those who feel displaced and disenfranchised from their prayer communities of birth. We are intentionally not a part of Rome.

We are Christian because we strive to live according to the teachngs of Jesus Christ

We are Catholic and intentionally independent of Rome; we believe in the true presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist for all.

We are all God's children because we live in Jesus who is the way, the Truth and the Life.

We are Ecumenical in the sense that we transcend Christians dialoging between themselves into a Dialogue with all faith practices.

We are Associate Members of the Franciscans of Fort Lauderdale.


To serve the marginalized and cast aside.
We profess vows of:
* detachment from material things
* responsible sexuality or celibacy if chosen
* obedience to the Gospel

Every member is required to be engaged in a ministry of which the community affirms

Every member is required to be self supporting, through employment or in retirement and we support the community through our declaration of Stewardship

Wearing of the religious habit is optional but wearing of the Tau cross outwardly while in service in mandatory

Because we are a non-residential formation the brothers and sisters are to pray daily in their homes and together twice a month in community

We believe in:
* Affirmation of GLBTQI persons & supporters
* Affirmation of celibacy by choice
* Affirmation of married clergy
* Affirmation of the ordination of women
* Affirmation of individual matters of conscience regarding reproduction

Br. Jasosn McGuire, osf, mft 
Marriage and Family Therapy
Community Guardian


Br. Jerry Ebner, osf