Our National Charity

A Message from the Presiding Bishop regarding our National Charity

My dear friends in Christ,
Each year the National Church decides at the General Assembly what will be our National Charity for the year, a charity that will be supported by all of the Apostolic Catholic Church in North America (CACINA). This past year the charity chosen for 2018 was the Samaritan Women.

The Samaritan Women is a national Christian anti-trafficking organization whose mission is to raise awareness and increase prevention of domestic human trafficking, and provide transitional and long-term restorative care to those who have been impacted by this crime. The group has been assisting survivors since 2011 and they claim to invest in each woman academically, vocationally, spiritually, socially and in self-care. Those who leave the program become advocates in society to end modern day slavery.

Centered in Baltimore, the group is national and you can find more about it at www.thesamaritanwomen.org. Here you can read about the various services they offer and the programs they give. They will also provide speakers. During this month of October, I urge you to take up special collections for this cause or to do fundraisers that raise the perception of people to understand better the problems of immigration. You have been very generous in the past to our National Church yearly project, and I hope this year will be no exception. Christ’s message on how to treat aliens was very clear and very strong. It is important that we do our best to follow his teachings.

“Whatever you did for one of these least brothers [or sisters] of mine, you did for me!” (Matt 25:40)

Your servant in Christ.
Ronald Stephens, Presiding Bishop of CACINA

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